Saving Mr. Banks

Going into this, I actually didn’t know what the movie was about other than Disney was involved. So I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the movie was actually about Walt Disney trying to get the movie rights from Pamela Travers for Mary Poppins. 

Obviously Mary Poppins is a famous movie nowadays, so I knew how it would end, with her giving up the rights (spoiler alert. sort of) But what I didn’t expect was how stubborn and strong-willed this woman was. And even more surprising was that this movie was based off a true story. 

At first I thought it was extremely embellished, because how can somebody be so strict and picky about their books becoming a movie. But they played a recording at the end with the original people and it was almost exactly how the movie was portrayed. It also showed pictures at the end of the woman and Disney or Julie Andrews at the movie premier. Just more proof that it actually happened.

I loved the fact that the movie didn’t just go on about how the script writing was going, but it bounced back and forth between flashbacks of her childhood so that we can understand why she is how she is and where her inspiration for the books came from.

I didn’t know if I felt more sorry for the writers and Walt Disney with how she was being because they were trying so hard to please her or if I felt more bad for Mrs. Travers because of her childhood and what she had to go through.

This movie was actually amazing. I love Disney and I love Mary Poppins, so obviously that made me happy, but I also liked that it told me this side of both Mrs. Travers and Walt Disney that I had never known.


Knowing how it ended and I still found myself choked up through at least half of the movie. Constantly. I was constantly fighting off tears. Especially the end. My God. It was fantastic.  

If you like Mary Poppins, if you like Disney, if you just want to see the back story for how the movie came to be, I highly recommend it.


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