“This Girl”

I finished this girl in the wee hours of the night last night knowing I had to be up early today, so that just goes to show you how much I liked it.

“This Girl” is “Slammed” from Will’s point of view. I thought we had gotten some of his insight during “Point of Retreat” since that was from his POV too, but it was nice to see what was happening in his head during the whole first book. 

Not only that, but it wasn’t the typical retelling of the story from a second person’s eyes. It was through a series of flashbacks between what’s currently happening on Lake and Will’s honeymoon. I really liked that because it wasn’t as boring as just hearing the same story again. Well, yes it is the same story, but it was a better way of retelling a story. 

I kind of wish “Slammed” was from both of their points of view because it was a lot of Will. Which I don’t mind, I would just like to have been able to see what Layken was going through during that book. 


All in all, I liked this book and if you like Colleen Hoover and New Adult novels you will most likely like this as well. 


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