“Beautiful Disaster”

I keep reading articles that lump together Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines, and Jamie McGuire, so I figured since I read every book of the other two, it’s time to try Jamie. And I am so glad I did. She’s amazing

This story is about this perfect girl, Abby Abernathy, who makes a bet with the college’s bad boy. If she wins, he has to not have sex for a month and if he wins she has to stay in his apartment for a month. Spoiler alert, she loses and has to stay with him.

From there their friendship grows and gets complicated and it was frustrating because you could tell what should happen but it just wasn’t happening. (I’m trying to avoid more spoilers. Sorry for the vagueness)

Abby is so stubborn though. It makes me want to jump into the text and slap some sense into her. And then Travis is so close-minded that it’s his way or the highway. He just does whatever he wants in the moment without a second thought. They are so different but so great together. I felt so conflicted. Okay, that was a lie. I felt conflicted for like a second and then I got over it. Because honestly, Travis is adorable when he wants to be. 

And there are some massive plot twists! I didn’t expect some of the things that happened. And it didn’t start out with a flashback of Abby’s childhood to set the mood or have random flashbacks. When we need to know about Abby’s past, we find out. I kind of liked that. It wasn’t predictable because of that. 

Let’s go over my biggest pet peeve, quick: character names. Abby’s best friend’s name is America. We ran into dislike of this one during “The Selection,” but seeing as it was futuristic and America didn’t exist anymore, I overlooked it being a name because it had a sort of meaning. This is a present day book and the best friend is a blonde hair, blue eyed, typical nineteen year old college girl and her name, her first name, is America. I’m sorry, no. Also, America is dating Travis’ best friend…wait for it… Shepley. They go by Mare and Shep for nicknames. Which is worse? I personally can’t decide. 

I liked their characters, though, so I overlooked it once I started to like them. 

The dialogue between characters was perfect. Funny, witty, realistic, sweet and mushy when it needed to be. The story was unpredictable and enchanting, the characters themselves were amazing. 

I loved this book. I really recommend it. Who doesn’t love the good girl with the bad boy stories? 


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