American Hustle

I have a huge woman crush on Jennifer Lawrence. It is embarrassing how much I love her. So when I saw she was doing ANOTHER movie with Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook) I had to see it. 

She actually wasn’t in the movie as much as I thought she would be. And to no surprise, the movie was so much better when she was in it. Her character was funny and upbeat and you just couldn’t wait until she came back into play. 

Jennifer Lawrence plays the wife of con artist, Irving (Christian Bale) who is having an affair with Sydney (Amy Adams) who he is partners with in his illegal loan business where he scams money out of people. Bradley Cooper is a cop who catches the pair in the act of their illegal banking and arrests Amy Adams then makes a deal that they will drop their charges if he can bust four really big, wealthy, important people for taking the illegal money.

The rest of the movie is the trio going undercover to get these people to buy into their bogus business. I actually felt bad for the people they targeted because they had plans to use the money for good and here is Bradley Cooper blackmailing Iriving and Sydney into getting these guys for him. 

I don’t know what I was expecting from this movie, but at first I walked away unsure how I felt. I thought it would be funnier or have more action or something. Thinking back on it now it was actually pretty good, I’m just really impatient in movies lately so I felt like parts of it were kind of slow. But those were the parts without Jennifer Lawrence. So it must have just been my obsessive girl crush getting impatient to see her again.

The scenes with her and with Bradley Cooper and his boss were the funniest to me. I think they were my favorite characters. Irving was in it a lot but something about his character bothered me so I was just frustrated when he was on screen. And Sydney’s character goes from being the mistress in love to the woman scorned trying to seduce Bradley Cooper. 

I know Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence both won Golden Globes for their roles, so I think it’s worth it to see it since it was award-worthy. Also because it was funny and it has an amazing cast. And Jennifer Lawrence of course. 


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