“Walking Disaster”

So “Walking Disaster.” It’s “A Beautiful Disaster” from Travis’ point of view. And I think Jamie McGuire did an amazing job writing from a man’s point of view. Absolutely amazing. It wasn’t perverted and disgusting, constantly talking about women in condescending terms, but it wasn’t overly sensitive and too girly. It was the perfect combination. And I really hope men actually think like that. Because stereotypes are annoying.

So there’s always a pro and a con to writing the same story from a different point of view. The pro is we get to see it from someone else’s eyes. We get to see Travis’ childhood and his line of thinking while he fights and how he feels for Abby and how he fell in love with her. 

The con is we already know the story. We know the climactic points, we know how it ends, we know the fights and the parts where they’re adorable and fall in love. So the story is appealing to see how Travis is handling everything, but it’s also not at the same time because we already know how it all plays out. 

I would say that was my only downfall with this book; that I read it just to read it. I already knew how it ended. I knew the dialogues. I even already knew what Abby was wearing when she first met Travis or when they went to the date party.

All in all, it was a good book. It kept me entertained for the most part, I liked Travis’s point of view, and I did like the story the first time around. So it wasn’t bad. I just wish it had more of a switching point of view in the first one. That way we can see both sides, yet still only read the same story once. 

OH! There was a different epilogue. And that was AMAZING. I wish instead of writing the same story from Travis’s eyes, she would have written the after part from his. How much more interesting would it have been to see what happened after Abby suggests going back to Vegas and seeing how they go from there to the epilogue here? It would have been great. 

Let’s petition for it. That would be one sweet action novel.

So moral of the review: If you like reading the same story from a different point of view, read it. If you find that mundane and repetitive, don’t.


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