“Kicking Eternity”

I have this new twitter account for this blog. It is @breatheandrelax and I vote you follow it. Because why not? So on this newfound twitter account, author Ann Lee Miller contacted ME and sent me a link to her novel “Kicking Eternity.” I felt so special having someone send me their works and asking me to read them, so I put it high up on my list.

So this book is about Raine, who is a very religious girl with ambitions to teach orphans in Africa, working as a Bible teacher at a religious summer camp with an old childhood friend and crush, Drew, who is still not over his ex. She ends up rooming with a girl named Aly who is kind of a rebellious girl and doesn’t want to get into religion with Raine. Aly is friends with Cal, who is this chill surfer who likes to paint and is teaching art at camp.

Raine is going through some issues with her brother, which adds some awesome drama to the story. He comes and goes throughout and Raine has to come to his rescue numerous times.

But then she falls apart and Drew keeps coming to her rescue.

And at first I thought it would be a nice little love story. But then it became a love triangle. And then it became a love square. It was great. There was love everywhere. And I could see who belonged together, or maybe it was who I wanted to be together, but either way the characters just weren’t understanding it. It was heartbreaking, but it kept you going to see if they finally figured it out.

Raine spends the whole time thinking she has everything figured out about her brother and her love life and her future and all these curve balls keep coming at her and screwing her up.

What I also liked about this story is that it wasn’t just from Raine’s point of view. We got all four. Raine, Drew, Cal, and Aly.

Drew and Raine are both religious, they pray a lot, they know what their callings are. Cal and Aly have kind of drifted from religion, so it was nice to have both kinds of people in the story. The people who are extremely dedicated and the people who are unsure about where they’re going.

There was a lot of talking about God in the story, so if that is a touchy subject for you this book may not be your best option. If you want to look into that side of the story, it’s a great one for you. And the plot itself is good. The romance and the drama and the little plot twists.

In the end, the choice is yours, but I think every one should try it with an open mind.

If I can persuade you at all, I have permission from the author herself to give you the link right here for a free download to your Kindle, phone, Kindle App, computer. Anywhere. and it’s FREE. So why not try it, right?




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