Endless Love: The Movie

First off, my internet at my house is not currently working. It has been the longest three days of my life. It’s embarrassing how dependent I am on it. So this review is pretty delayed. Second, I tried reading “Endless Love” by Scott Spencer, the book this movie is supposedly based off of, and after four weeks and only being 40% in, I decided to put it to rest. Maybe temporarily, maybe not. We’ll see what the future holds. But the movie was AMAZING.

Okay, it was a little cliche, but who doesn’t love cliche romantic movies? Come on.

I was a little upset that it was barely based off the book. The names were basically the only thing that were the same, and even David’s last name had changed. There were some things I noticed that were really really REALLY loosely based off the book, but honestly there was nothing similar at all.

Which is actually fine by me, because the book was definitely not holding my interest. 43% in and I still didn’t have any present day interaction with David and Jade. It was all flashbacks and it was awful. So much description, so wordy, I just couldn’t do it. If anyone else read it and thought it got better, let me know and I’ll pick it back up for another try. But I just had to take an Abbi Glines break.

ANYWAYS. I wish they had just changed the names of the characters so they wouldn’t have said “based off the book” because I wouldn’t have wasted my time and money reading it. Or trying to.

The plot of the movie was the typical perfect, quiet girl with a devastating family past falls for the underprivileged bad boy with a huge heart. It was adorable. I thought the script was great, the plot was entertaining, Alex Pettyfer was god-like as always.

Jade was pretty, but a lot of her outfits were no bueno. Converse and dresses are cute sometimes, not all the time. Especially not with oversized flannels. Buy some ballet flats and a cardigan and call yourself a lady.

If you really hate typical, cliche rom-coms with the “I totally predicted that entire ending” plot, this movie is probably not for you. If you just want a movie to make your heart melt and wish you had a boyfriend like David, I would suggest sparing the $9 into the theater and enjoying this one.

But don’t waste your time with the book. Lesson learned.

Happy Hump Day, guys! Stay warm! (for those of you like me trapped in the frozen tundra of the midwest)


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