“Take a Chance”

I actually finished this one the other day, but I have been so busy I forgot to write my thoughts on it! So here we go. “Take a Chance” by Abbi Glines. Any of you dedicated followers out there probably already know exactly how this review is going to go. 

Typical, cookie cutter Abbi Glines. And typical romance genre. I’m learning about genres in my creative writing class and I didn’t realize it was a standard form for genres, I just assumed it was a category they all fell into plot wise and they happened to have the same sort of form because that’s what sells. But to my surprise, there is a science to books, it’s not just whatever the Muse tells you to write. (Sorry, I was in a mythology class too.)
So the basic romantic genre form is boy meets girl, they fall in love, something comes between them, they break up, they are sad, fate brings them back together and they live happily ever after. Seems about right. 

And this is exactly Abbi’s format. Totally fine, that’s the kind of stuff we hopeless romantics love to read. Minus the unnecessarily graphic sex scenes she likes to incorporate. Super uncomfortable. I personally vote we trim those down, make them G-rated, maybe just completely get rid of them. 

But honestly, I like her plot lines. And the way her stories all run into each other. The fact that it’s in the same town with other side characters we met, it’s so cool to me because you get to see the continuation of stories you’ve read and loved without them having their own unnecessary sequel.

For example, Rush and Blaire. I loved them. My first Abbi Glines couple that I loved. (Personally, they’re my favorite behind Ashton and Bea from “The Vincent Boys.” My favorite book by her, the “Fallen” series is my second.) They had three books and they have been mentioned in every single other Rosemary Beach book she has written and I loved that we get to see their relationship and their child and their love without delving into their whole story. 

“Take a Chance” is about Grant, who is Rush’s former step brother who we met in “Fallen Too Far” and has been featured in just about every other Rosemary Beach book as well. We also met Harlow in “Never Too Far” at Rush and Blaire’s event. We actually got a glimpse of Grant meeting her from his POV in that book, so we all knew they would get their own story.

And I’m really glad they did. Grant is still coping with the death of a good friend and is afraid to give away his heart after witnessing the girlfriend of the deceased absolutely lose control. Then perfect, quiet, keeps-to-herself Harlow comes along and we have a match made in heaven. 

Of course there’s Nan causing drama in EVERYBODY’S books. Honestly, we should probably just write her out. She adds nothing to the stories except causing the reader to go bald from all the hair they pull out from anger. 

ANYWAYS. Nan ruins lives and tests Grant and Harlow. Harlow reads into things, causes fights, pretty predictable. But you know what? I like predictable. And then surprise. Harlow has a secret. Which we should have guessed, someone always has a secret they HAVE to tell the one they love. But she has one, doesn’t tell, and you just keep reading to find out what it is and then it just ends. And now we have to wait for their sequel. 

So. I’m going to repeat myself here. If you like Abbi Glines, you’ll like this book. If you hate her, you will not like this. If you have no opinion, give it a shot. There are things I like and things I dislike about her style, but if you can look past feeling uncomfortable sometimes and predictability, you’ll probably enjoy the story line. 

On a sidenote, I’m doing a terrible job keeping up with posting on here and I’m sorry.. And with the twitter account. I think it has about 6 or 7 tweets. So if you follow it and you’re disappointed, I’m sorry. If you don’t follow it and have yet to be disappointed, the day is young. Feel free to start. @breatheandrealx I’m going to work on it. I have 17 credits and two jobs, so just bear with me here, guys. It’ll hopefully get better soon. 


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