“Divergent” THE MOVIE

I tried so hard to reread the book before I went to the movie, but I barely got half done. But you know what? It doesn’t even matter. I remembered the big part, and yes there were some things I would lean over and whisper to my mom “this is different,” but it didn’t detract from the movie at all. At all. There were things out of order and things were wrong and not as I pictured and I was still so absolutely engrossed in it. It was perfection. 

Okay, I don’t want to be that person who is like “I was totally ahead of the fad” or “I knew this song/band before it was popular,” but i need to take my minute to brag. When “The Hunger Games” movie first came out, I read them all, the week before the movie so I wasn’t ahead of the times there, but I read them before I saw it. And then amazon suggested books for if I liked “The Hunger Games,” which obviously I did, and “Divergent” and “Insurgent” were two of them. Because the third one wasn’t out yet. And I read them and I absolutely loved them, but they hadn’t gained that much momentum yet, so none of my friends would read them with me. Well looks who’s laughing now guys. Now EVERYONE wants to read them and here I am like hey, I read these in 2012. I waited impatiently a year and a half for the third book and I finished the first two books before they even cast Shailene Woodley. THAT’S how ahead I was. Okay, bragging over.

The storyline of Divergent, for those of you who haven’t read it (which is a big mistake, by the way. HUGE) is about this futuristic society where there everyone is categorized into five factions, Abnegation (selfless), Dauntless (brave), Erudite (smart), Amity (peaceful), and Candor (honest). At 16 years old, all the children of all the factions have to take this aptitude test that tells them to either stay where they are or go to a new faction. Beatrice gets inconclusive test results because she is divergent, which means her mind cannot be controlled and she belongs in multiple factions.


From this, she ends up switching factions to Dauntless because she feels she isn’t good enough to be Abnegation. The movie is then about her initiation process, her battle to hide she is divergent, her trying to find who she is, and her love story with Four (Theo James.)

I’m sorry, let’s just take a minute to talk about Theo James. Where can I buy one? Where are men like this in the real world? And he’s BRITISH? Lord. Theo, I would like to invite you to be my boyfriend.

I thought the casting was absolutely perfect. Of course there were some people who didn’t look like how I pictured they would look. I didn’t like the people who were cast as Al and Will because they looked so alike I got confused. But everyone else was fantastic.

I wish Christina would’ve been in it more. I wish Peter taunted her more like he did in the book. And I wish the Tris/Four love story wasn’t as rushed as it was because it made my heart swell.

They also made one of Tris’s fears switch from fear of intimacy to fear of rape. Brilliant. It adds even more to this theme of powerful women. I got chills watching it. And basically the whole movie for that matter.

I can’t even handle how much I loved it. Absolutely go see it. Read the books if you haven’t, then go see it.

(I’m sorry, one more.)

Theo James

I’m not sorry at all. You’re welcome.


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