Maybe Someday

Well, Colleen, you’ve done it again. You and Griffin Peterson have hit a home-run. This isn’t just a book, or even just a story, it’s an entire experience. And it was absolutely incredible.

First of all, is the cover not great? Maybe it’s because now I know the story and I can understand it more, but I think it’s awesome.

I finished this book two hours ago and I’m STILL composing my thoughts. Bear with me, here.

Here’s the thing. Hopeless is, and probably always will be, my favorite book. By her and in general. She set the bar pretty high there. But this book is still… oh my gosh. So good. I don’t know how she finds these little twists and these story lines. I want to know how they come to her so naturally. It didn’t seem forced or too thought out. It seemed as if the story just effortlessly flowed out of her. And as a wanna-be-writer, I know that is more than likely not true, but she is just so great.

I wish I could give you a better synopsis, but if I give away one detail it’ll ruin the entire first couple chapters for you. So here’s my basically stolen plot line from the back of the book… Sydney’s 22nd birthday is ruined when she finds out her best friend and her boyfriend are sleeping together. So she ends up moving in with Ridge, who is a musician with writer’s block. He finds out she can write lyrics well and they end up working together and that progresses into the most beautiful, heart-wrenching story still so full of love.

Colleen Hoover teamed up with Griffin Peterson, the hottie from WISCONSIN (ME TOO, GRIFFIN) who was on American Idol last year and covered Colleen’s Losing Hope (also fantastic. pick it up if you haven’t yet, for the love of god) to write the music for this novel. Not only did he write the songs, he recorded them so readers could listen to them as they were presented in the story.

The whole point of writing is to tell a story and to be able to have the reader picture it all. Being able to stop and listen to the lyrics they wrote and they music he is playing really helps you to visualize it as it’s happening. It takes the story to an entire new level.

The characters. All of them were so loveable. The dialogue is so quick-witted and so funny. The love story makes you wish you  could walk right into it and live your life with that kind of love.

Everything about this story was beautiful. There are no words to describe how amazing it was. So don’t just get the book, download the songs. Listen to them. Love them. Read the book. Love it. Cry, laugh, talk to me. We’ll work through our feels together.

ALSO, don’t forget there’s an epilogue. When you finish, go to the maybe someday website and enter the last word of the last chapter and get a little extra ending. You’ll love it.


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