“Where You Are”

I actually had finished this book about a week ago, but school is kicking my butt. So this is super delayed, meaning it will be short and sweet because I kind of forgot it. I’m sorry everyone. 




This book was a four person point-of-view, which I both loved and hated. I loved that we got to see everything from Emma’s, Graham’s, Reid’s, and Brooke’s point-of-views, but Emma and Graham started to annoy me and Brooke was so rude. The only one I really liked was Reid because he’s so funny. His and Brooke’s relationship is so weird, but their interactions are so funny. 

I want to like Emma, I really do, but she’s so boring and predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I like predictable, but moreso in plots. I don’t like cookie cutter dialogue. Sure she has some wit once in a while, but she’s just too perfect. And Graham is so oblivious to Brooke trying to break them up that it makes me so mad.

“She’s just my good friend. Always has been, always will be.” 

I’m sorry, you don’t think it’s weird that your good friend calls you babe, handsome, stud, sexy…? You don’t think it’s weird she invites herself to stay with you for days and runs her fingers through  your hair and caresses your bicep and shoots death glares at your girlfriend? Really? 

And he’s super clingy. I’m all for being romantic, but he was too much too soon. Not my cup of tea. I’m not saying fall for the bad boy because it makes more interesting stories (which it really does) but Reid was way more interesting and by the end he started to have a heart and I was begging Emma to get with him. I was literally yelling at her through the book as if she was a real person and could hear me. 

I liked that it was an extension of the previous story, especially since it just sort of stopped. The dialogue was humorous, the plot line was fun, aside from my prejudice against character traits, the book was well done and I really enjoyed it. A quick, fun read for anyone with a soft spot for cheesy YA romance novels. 


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