“Good For You”

I’m so sorry this is so delayed. It’s been finished for at least a week. Finals week, though, am I right? So “Good For You” is the third book in the “Between the Lines” series and luckily this one is more focused on Reid and Dori (whose name is actually Drocas. What?) I actually really liked it. 

So bad name aside, I kind of like Dori. She’s this angel: pastor’s daughter, works at Habitat for Humanity, is going to Berkley for social work, she’s basically all that is good in the world.

Then there’s Reid Alexander, the bad boy, womanizing actor we met in “Between the Lines” and “Where You Are” who spent all of both books trying to seduce his costar, Emma Pierce. At the end of “Where You Are” we see a side to Reid that make us think he has a heart and now we want to see him get the girl and be happy. So I was extremely thankful Tammarra Webber ditched Emma and wrote about Reid here. 

A few weeks after him and Emma go their separate ways, Reid goes into a downward spiral and ends up drinking and driving and crashing his car into a house. Part of his community service that his lawyer dad (who he hates) arranged was to help rebuild this house. Who else is there but Dori Cantrell? 

So she hates him because he drove drunk and destroyed this house and is an arrogant actor with no morals and he just wants to get his job done, get under her skin, and get out. Surprise, they end up getting closer.

There were actually some twists in this book. A few of them made me emotional. One made me do a jaw drop in public while I read before class. Dori isn’t as cookie cutter as we are led to believe and Reid isn’t as heartless. 

The story that ensues is sure to give you the feels. Some parts were a little bit slow, but in the end it was totally worth it. If you liked the first two (the second wasn’t my favorite), you’ll like this one. 

Give it a shot. Who doesn’t love a romance about an actor and a humanitarian? Happy Monday! Happy Finals Week to most of you college kids. I’m right there with ya. May the curve be ever in your favor. 


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