“Mud Vein”

I’ve been doing a terrible job of posting when I finish books. I’ve finished four since Memorial Day weekend and I’ve seen a movie and surprise, I haven’t posted yet. So I’m finally going to do it. Sorry for the overload and sorry if my details are a little bit ambiguous from the time I wasted. So “Mud Vein” by Tarryn Fischer. 

I read this book because I stalk  follow Colleen Hoover on Facebook and she likes to post books she’s read that she liked and this was one of them. So it started out so intense. This woman, Senna (the name, right? Weird.) wakes up in this creepy house in the middle of nowhere in clothes that are not hers. So she searches the creepy house and finds she’s locked in with a man named Isaac. 

Now we have no idea who Isaac is. All we know is they have a past. So the first 30% of this book is about how they try to get out, how they try to survive and get along and figure out who the psychopath who put them in there is and why they did it. 

Then all of a sudden it starts talking about Senna being back at home and it took me a very long time to realize it was a flashback. I thought it was currently happening and it was extremely confusing. But it was super important information. We find out how Senna and Isaac know each other. We know a little more about all these things Senna is going through, which all really suck and make you feel so bad for her but so proud of her for continuing on. 

Right when it’s getting a little bit happy and romantic we come back to the present and we find Senna and Isaac still in this creepy house. And then it turns weird. They’re both sick and malnourished and injured and it’s just so weird. I don’t want to give away the ending but I definitely did not see it coming. 

It was kind of a weird ending to be honest. And it was sad. I didn’t like how it ended but I did at the same time. Because there’s this message of pushing through tough times, about admitting your feelings whether it’s love or weakness or being afraid, you should always speak your mind. There’s also a message of doing things for yourself and no one else and living life to the fullest and I thought that was amazing. 

The storyline had its ups and downs and major points of confusion, but overall the book wasn’t so bad. I still haven’t decided if I am going to recommend it to others or not, but if you want to give it a shot, go for it. 

A mystery/romance/uplifting novel. See if any of those genres and if the synopsis sparks your interest. 


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