“The Fault in Our Stars”

THIS BOOK. Oh my god. I read some negative reviews and I can kind of understand, but I definitely do not agree. This book was absolute perfection to me and everyone should read it. EVERYONE.


In case you somehow missed the buzz or the movie previews, “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green is about two 17-year-olds, a girl named Hazel and a boy named Augustus, who meet at a cancer support group. Surprise (not really) they end up talking and fall in love.

The reason I love this book is not just the romance (because we all know I’m a sucker for those) or the witty dialogue (I’m all over sarcasm) but because it’s so real. Hazel doesn’t want to talk to anyone outside of her family because she doesn’t want to hurt people when she dies, which she feels is inevitable.

Augustus is in remission, but he basically just wants to feel normal and live life to the fullest as best as he can before something bad can happen to him. Hazel tries to keep her distance to “minimize the casualties” from her impending fate but Gus refuses to keep his distance and let something that could be great slip away.

Gus is the perfect gentleman and obscenely sweet and he has these huge gestures to show someone that he cares and I think it’s absolutely amazing.

Heart wrenching, eye opening, tear jerking, smile inducing, then smile destroying, this book will have you all over the place with your emotions. And even when it’s over and your heart is in 100 million little pieces, you will still be so glad you read it and fell in love with the two as much as I did.

But definitely have your tissues ready.


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