“If I Stay”

Okay, I think once I get this one up I’ll have caught up with all the books I’ve finished lately. I saw a preview for “If I Stay” and it just broke my heart. Literally, the 2 and a half minute movie trailer made me choked up. But it looked so good and it was based off a book, so obviously I had to read it. 

And of course it was devastating. Within the first chapter this girl talks about her family and how great they are and they have a snow day to all hang out and bond so her family decides to take a drive to visit some family. Then they get into a fatal car accident and the girl, her name is Mia, she has an out of body experience where she’s basically invisible or a ghost. She can see what’s happening but no one can see her.

So she gets in the ambulance and rides with her body to the ER and then she finds out that her parents have passed away. So the entire time she’s having this internal debate about whether she wants to come out of this coma she is in and live this tragic parentless life or if she wants to just pass peacefully with her family.

It was sad and awful, don’t get me wrong, but I cried way more for “The Fault in Our Stars.” Since the accident happened so soon, you get all of Mia’s backstory through flashbacks, which happen at really random times. So the randomness kind of threw me off because something tragic would happen and then it’d be like “So my first date with Adam was this concert” and then she tells you about her first date.

I mean, I don’t really see any other way to do it and  that kind of stuff is important for character development and all, but it just makes your emotions bounce around. Right when you get really sad she changes the subject and flashes back to something.

Also, the ending was really abrupt. REALLY abrupt. It made me kind of upset. Also because my Kindle said I was only 79% of  the way through and then I tap the page and it says THE END and I’m just sitting here like

So that kind of sucked. But I do really want to see the movie. It looks really good.

But the book. It was pretty good. Just a bad ending. Maybe a good ending, but it ended too soon for me to like it. If you like “The Fault in Our Stars” you will probably like this one too. Or if you’re a masochist like me and like reading sad things, it’s probably right up your alley.


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