The Fault in Our Stars MOVIE

Tears. Laughter. Heart break. Lots of tears. LOTS. I knew going into it that it would break my heart, but it was so great. Absolutely phenomenal. 

So as previously discussed, the plot line is two cancer kids meeting at cancer support group and falling in love. And breaking your heart one endearing and adorable scene to the next.

Shailene Woodley is perfection as Hazel. I didn’t think I would like her. I was feeling better about her after Divergent, but I was still iffy after that stupid Secret Life of the American Teenager garbage on ABC Family. But she was fantastic. When she smiled so did I. When she cried, I bawled. When she fell in love with Augustus I wanted to jump through the screen and yell “MINE” but I didn’t. Also, that’s impossible.


Still undecided about Ansel, the guy who played Augustus Waters. He did great, but he wasn’t how I pictured Gus. (Also, fun fact. Ansel played Shailene’s brother in Divergent. Wrap your head around that. Actor incest.) 

If there were any changes I barely noticed, which is because the wonderful John Green was on set almost 100% of the time.Thank god for him and making sure the story was just as pefect on screen as it was in my head.

I think the only thing is that they wrote out Hazel’s friend Kaitlyn, but she was barely in the book anyways so I didn’t feel too bad about it. Sorry, Kaitlyn… 

The humor translated so great, the dialogue was almost word for word spot on, everything was wonderful. 

So read it. Then see it. Maybe reverse the order, but for sure do both. Have tissues handy whether you’re reading or seeing the movie, because you WILL need them. Maybe get some ice cream to mend your heart when you’re done. 



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