“The One”

Guys, I’ve had to wait an entire year to find out who Maxon chose in this futuristic Bachelor-based YA Dystopian type novel. A whole year. But I finally know!

So “The One” is the third and final book in the “Selection” trilogy by Kiera Cass. Obviously the first two books dwindle down the ladies until the final five I believe, and now here we are with America and her competitors (none of whom I was really fond of until the end). America is still trying to figure out how to tell Maxon her feelings and what she wants and Aspen is still trying to convince her to go back to him.

All the while the King has it out for America and has no problem telling her, which makes her pull away from Maxon a little (because obviously she can’t tell him his dad is a raging lunatic) and so Maxon gets mad at her and then she gets sad and then they work it out and it happens again. It’s an unending cycle, really.

I actually got really annoyed with almost everyone. America is so stubborn. Like, if you like a guy just tell him. Don’t know why you think that wouldn’t end well with how much he clearly likes you. Then there’s Maxon who just yells and then runs away like a child when America is acting like a child. But then they grow up and apologize and are happy. And then they fight again. Like I said, endless cycle.

It’s an easy read, fairly predictable, but still entertaining and fun if you’re into that kind of cheesy teen romance/drama stuff.

If you liked the first two, you’ll most likely like this one. If you hate predictability, yeah, definitely stay away. No real surprises here. Except for two. But they don’t really go anywhere with the plot twists. It lasts like a minute and then it’s swept under the rug.

So yes. It’s finally out if you’re curious. If you think you know how it ends, you probably do but just try it. It took me a day to read. Not too bad.

If you like the Bachelor you’ll probably like it.


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