I am the absolute worst

Hello my hopefully dedicated followers. I just was going through this blog for my online portfolio (Ahh! The real world is scary!) and I realized I haven’t posted since JUNE. Whoa. I didn’t realize I was THAT bad. 

In case you were curious, here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on the last few months and my excuses as to why I was busy.

1. This summer I worked as a reporter for West Bend Daily News. I felt like such an adult! It was so scary, but kind of fun, actually. I got to drive to places and talk to people and take pictures and write and get paid for it.

This, of course, is not my ideal job of book publishing or being a famous YA/NA author, but stepping stones.

2. I also worked my fourth summer at the day spa in my hometown. It’s so fun there. I truly believe that the people you work with make the job. Sure, the newspaper was fun, but I think if I got along better with my coworkers instead of quietly sitting in my cubicle, I might have been way more excited to go to work.


If you have never been to a spa, you should definitely try one. Massages are amazing and you never realize you need one. Plus, you ALWAYS deserve an hour or two of pampering. Seriously, look into it.

3. I finally broke up with my loser boyfriend of over two years. Change is hard, but a dead-end, empty relationship is harder. Love is not a one-way street. And if you’re with someone who puts you on the absolute bottom of their to-do list or makes you feel like absolute garbage, get out. Seriously. You’ll be so much happier.

4. I TURNED 21!

That sentence just says it all. I made my friends go to a baseball game with me and we tailgated and “watched” the game, then went back to my house and played games. It was really the best day ever. I think.

I’ll just leave this here.


5. I started my SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE. Whoa, time flies. I spent my entire life going to school. It’s going to be kind of sad when I won’t have a move in day or get to school supply shop. I mean, I’m sure I can, but it’ll be for my real job! (Again, so so terrifying.)

6. I met an amazing guy who makes me feel absolutely loved.

Seriously, don’t settle. I promise, there’s someone out there destined to be your one true love and you might not find them if you’re trying to make it work with someone you know it definitely will not work with.

7. I took a Christmas trip to Chicago! It’s absolutely beautiful in the winter time. The Christmas lights and the skating rink by the Bean are stunning. Also, 360 Chicago is really REALLY high up. I was shaking in the elevator, but it’s a breathtaking view of the city.


Totally a worthwhile trip if you can make it someday.

8. I read A LOT of books over my winter break. I promise I’ll try to blog them all, or make a list of them and whether or not they were good. I haven’t decided how to catch up just yet, but you will all know the fruits of my labor eventually and I’m really sorry for not posting them as I went.



Whaaaat? I’m graduating in May. (Have I mentioned how scary that is?) I’ve had to arrange seating and order my cap and gown and start putting together online portfolios and resumes and all that boring super fun stuff. I don’t like it. Can I just be in school forever? Just kidding, that debt would be outrageous.

And I think those were all my milestones so far. Really exciting, right? Let’s pretend like you care.

Anyways, like I said, I promise I’ll post those all when I get some time. Maybe this week/weekend. More likely when I’m on my last spring break ever in two weeks.

If you’re reading this sentence, thanks for sticking with me all the way to the end! You the real MVP. Catch ya soon!


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