“UnEnchanted” by Chanda Hahn

So I found this amazing website on Pinterest, of course, called Bookbub.com. You enter in your email and it sends you daily updates of super discounted books. UnEnchanted was one of the books that was emailed to me. I believe it was either free or .99 cents. Either way, I liked the idea of the plot, so I gave it a shot (Whoa, that rhymed. I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it).

13402447So the story follows Mina Grime, as we later find out is Mina Grimm, through her daily series of clumsy and unfortunate events. We eventually find out through her mother that Mina is the descendent of the Brothers Grimm and is cursed to live out real life fairy tales.

There were a few minor problems I had with this book. 1. The editing.I understand some people self publish and don’t look over minute details. Not everyone is a grammar freak like me and some focus on the bigger picture. Personally, as an editing snob, it threw me off. I kept reading, but it did give me pause when I noticed a word that was “her” instead of “here” or a missing end quote.

The second problem I faced were the characters. I felt like they were kind of flat, stereotypical, and predictable. Mina is, of course, the quiet, average girl who doesn’t realize her own beauty or strength. Typical YA heroine. She has a massive crush on Brody, the rich, down to earth boy who is dating, surprise, the most popular girl in school who also happens to be blonde. Major stereotype. Her best friend Nan is obsessed with being popular and social media and Twitter, and I’m obsessed with Twitter, too, but there were more references to Twitter than to the actual Grimm curse the story was about. Also, Nan tweeted an embarrassing photo of Mina running after the bus just to make her more “noticeable.” Yet, she’s Mina’s best friend. It just doesn’t make sense to me. That was kind of annoying.

I love fairy tales and mythology and I was immediately sucked into the plot. It was so clever. A girl who has to relive and beat 200 modernized fairy tales to overcome this family curse that’s been killing her family for decades? So captivating! It kind of reminded me of the ABC show Once Upon a Time with it’s modernized fairy tales and breaking a curse and all that. I loved it. I skimmed some of the descriptions because it felt like it was directed to a younger audience the way it was written, but at the same time fairy tales are generally for younger kids, so I’m willing to look past that.

The story kind of dragged out this crush on Brody and setting up the entire curse for most of the book and Mina only really solved two or three of the stories by the surprise ending. I was really hoping there were more books just because of how little it covered and how fast it went and lucky for me there are five. So I’m absolutely going to read them because it’s a really fun idea and I really need to know what happens.

There are some frustrating points, but if you can move past those things the books are pretty captivating. If you like fairy tales and Once Upon a Time, it might be your cup of tea. I  give it 3 or 3.5/5 stars.


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