“Fairest” by Chanda Hahn

So “Fairest” is the sequel to “UnEnchanted” and I’m going to make this review a shorter one because I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.


I said in the post for “UnEnchanted” that the writing seemed directed to a much younger audience, and the same applied here. I noticed a few less editing errors, but they were still there. And the plot wasn’t so introductory, so that was good.

18w9wvv9gw4b5gifThe bad part was that it spent way too much time worrying about Mina’s personal life. Her jealousy over Nan and her crush on Brody and her hatred of Jared took up about 70 percent of the story. I found myself skimming a bunch of it because I didn’t particularly care about any of that. I just wanted the fairy tale aspects and to see which story she was forced to conquer, how it was modernized, and how she ended up defeating it.

It turns out the first 70 percent was kind of important to set up the quest she was sent on, but it was still really hard to make it through. It’s such a short book. My Kindle predicts it should take only three and a half hours. I could finish this whole series in one day probably, but it took me TWO WEEKS to get through this one book because it just moved so slow.

I still bought the third one because the ending was sort of a cliff hanger and for whatever reason I need to know what happens next, but I just feel unsure. tumblr_inline_nr3a5nDxNd1r5b1v1_500

The concept is brilliant, it’s just that the delivery of the story could use some more interesting points  to me. We finally found out more about the story in the sort of plot twist, so we’ll see if that turns it around or if it’s another slow read until Mina solves whatever quest she’s on.


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