“Fable” by Chanda Hahn

I just finished the third book in the UnEnchanted series by Chanda Hahn and I must say, I like this one better than the first two. It was a lot more fairy tale/ quest heavy and it moved pretty quickly. fableThere were some parts where she ranted on about how much she loved Brody and how broken her heart was and blah blah blah, and that stuff, to be honest, I kind of skimmed over. But there was a quest introduced right from the beginning. Then there were some  twists and some more secrets revealed.

We finally learn more about Jared! That was exciting.

There were still parts that I felt were written kind of…what’s the best way to phrase this…immaturely? It felt like a very young person had written some of the descriptions or dialogue, but that was fewer and more far between than the first two. For the most part, I feel like Chanda Hahn’s writing matured with her and she’s finally coming into her own.

I get it, it’s hard to write as an adult from the perspective of a child. Especially if you’re trying to be safe in case a young kid is reading  this.

eyebrow raiseBut there were just situations where Mina would say something like “holy buckets!” and I would just be like really? Even children don’t say that. Just say “holy crap” or “Oh my gosh” or something. You can sound normal without using bad language. You know?

I already bought the next book because I felt like there was a cliffhanger ending and I need to know what happens to Jared now. And this new Nick character.

Praying it stays fast moving and fairy tale heavy because I’m pretty sure there’s another book after this one and if the writing regresses, I’ll be upset.


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