Sorry (again)!

I’m one of the worst bloggers in the history of bloggers and I recognize this and I deeply apologize. I got incredibly busy trying to transition into the life of a working adult (it’s very difficult to break yourself of your Netflix binging habits post-college) and working on some projects that will hopefully see the light some day.

I will catch back up as soon as I can, but until then I can leave you with a quick update.

  1. I finished up my best summer ever as a publications intern at EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Truly an amazing experience and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the friends I made there. Paul Poberezny wasn’t kidding when he said the people are what keep you coming back around.
  2. I got hired as a freelance verification consultant at Kohl’s Corporate. Basically it’s a fancy way of saying I edit stuff. Still new to it and going through the frustrations of not knowing everything and asking tons of questions. (Anyone else really hate the training stages of jobs and just want to jump in and know everything right away? Worst part about a new job, hands down.) BUT still dreaming about working as a book editor/publisher, so if any of you know of any openings, feel free to let me know…
  3. Still obsessing over Colleen Hoover. She has a new book out November 10th! The reviews are saying it’s her best one yet, which is hard to believe since they’re all so good. How do you even top Hopeless? But there’s this contest where you can get written into one of her books! How cool is that?? The link is here. You should enter even if you don’t really care, because I care, and your votes also help me out. 🙂
  4. I also have big dreams to be an author someday, and as all authors do, I’ve been dabbling with a story. It’s been a good four or five years that I’ve played around with this one and I finally got to write the end on it this summer. Is it completely done then? Absolutely not. Is it the next great American novel? Probably not, but the point is I FINISHED IT. Giving myself a short break from the characters before I go for another round of edits.
  5. I am in the process of binge watching The Originals on Netflix. Season 2 goes up October 8, which is the same day as the season 3 premiere. Just seems stupid, right? But you should all go watch it, like now. (Four just felt like a weird number to stop at, so I wanted to add a fifth bullet point. There was really no purpose in it.)

Well, I guess that’s all for now. I promise to check back in with a list of books I read that were good and a list of books that I couldn’t even finish. (I know, I’m ashamed.) Take care everyone!


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