The Heir by Keira Cass

A fun YA romance that combines the idea of arranged marriages from powerful kingdoms with the drama and entertainment of The Bachelorette.



So The Heir is a sequel to The Selection trilogy, except instead of following America and Maxon and their drama in the selection process, we follow their daughter, Eadlyn. Which, thank God, because I think I was getting really sick of America and Maxon’s antics by The One.

Eadlyn is kind of great. She was born a twin just a few minutes ahead of her brother. Since America was basically a feminist, she and Maxon passed a law saying women can rule, so Eadlyn is going to rule instead of her brother because she was born first.

She is really invested in it, too, and I love that about her. She wants to help her country and learn everything and be a great queen, but unfortunately the law her dad passed to eliminate the caste system is causing riots and issues with the townspeople, so the king decides that he needs to distract the people with a love story.

(Does this sound familiar to anyone else…?)

*I’ll just leave this here*



Eadlyn really wants no part in this, and I really admire her for that because you would want to meet the love of your life on your own so you know it’s real? But she doesn’t want to do it basically because she’s getting told to. She’s not open minded at all and she comes across as stubborn and spoiled. I get that she doesn’t think she needs a husband to rule the country, and that may be true, but there is also a chance you could like some of these guys so stop being so rude about it. You can still be an amazing queen even if you happen to fall in love.

I liked the characters and I liked how they had a variety of people come out for it. I loved that Kile got roped into it and Eadlyn and him were both not pleased about it and they spend most of their time bickering. I love that there’s a guy who needs a translator but he’s so sweet that you can’t send him home. There’s the guy who wants to strike a deal to just get married and leave each other alone. Lots of different choices here, Eady.

I have a guilty obsession with the Bachelor/Bachelorette, though, so I loved it. And I like books that take place in kingdoms and center around royalty, so I liked it. I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads.

Will you read it?

If you liked the first few Selection books, then yes. If you hated them, then obviously no. If you like books about royalties in kingdoms, forced marriages, some rebellion in the towns, and/or love stories you may like it.

The final book in The Selection series is already out and on my TBR so we’ll see how this story ends. Let me know what you think below!



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