The Crown by Keira Cass

The sequel to The Heir and conclusion to The Selection series, we finally know who Eadlyn picks and how the story ends.



So the story opens up right where The Heir leaves off, with Eadlyn struggling with her mother’s medical condition and trying to navigate her selection. She ends up narrowing it down to her Elite, the top six, and must choose from there. All the while she’s regent to the throne and in charge of making all the decisions while her dad takes care of her mom. So she has to make a lot of big decisions for her country and for herself.


I liked Eadlyn a lot more than America, I can tell you that for sure. She has a lot of responsibility for someone so young and she handles it pretty well, standing up to people who are much older and more experienced and not backing down from what she thinks is right. I also admire the fact that she’s willing to compromise her happiness for her people.

What bothers me about that, though, is it’s not for her people’s best interest, it’s so that her people will like her. And I understand that if citizens don’t like their queen that’s a really bad thing in terms of cooperation, but still. It seemed like a shallow concern. If she’s so confident in how she’s ruling, why is her acceptance rating so important? It shouldn’t be in my opinion.


I did like the way the relationships with the Elite unfolded, though. Some came to their senses and realized they weren’t in love with her and weren’t going to sacrifice that happiness just for a title. And you know what, good for them. Don’t marry someone for shallow reasons.

Cass could have written this ending in so many different ways. I’m glad she picked the guy she did; it wasn’t the cliche choice, but I did see it coming so it wasn’t a huge shock. There wasn’t a lot of tension in this book like there was in the Selection series or even the first one. There were no riots, no attacks on the castle, it was all just a book based off the Bachelorette in my opinion.

Should you read it?

I love the Bachelor and Bachelorette, so I was entertained, but it wasn’t life changing. I gave it 3/5 stars on goodreads. It was a really quick read, so it’s not like you have to slave over it for weeks just to see what happens, so that was a plus with the lack of intensity. If you read the Selection and loved it, then yeah, read it. If you hate books primarily about romance then probably don’t.


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