F*ck Love by Tarryn Fischer

Tarryn Fischer writes a lot of darker books from what I’ve heard. I’ve only ever read Mud Vein before this one, but the plot sounded like it would be more up my alley than her others, so I read it.



Helena has a dream years down the road that she ended up marrying her best friend’s boyfriend. In the dream her life is completely different than she ever imagined it would be, so she brushes it off as a dream, but can’t stop feeling like something isn’t right.

Without really knowing it she kind of molds herself into this person she dreamt about and ends up getting feelings for Kit.



The writing style threw me off at first. It moved really fast paced and the sentences were kind of short, but for a simple love story, the plot kept me intrigued all the way to the end. I could not put it down.

I loved that Helena kind of grew as a person. She stopped being a doormat to Della and started standing up for herself and doing what she wanted, not what everyone expected of her. She was actually really inspirational to me. It made me want to drop everything and just move to a different state, find somewhere as peaceful as Port Townsend. I really loved her.

And I loved Della. She was such a perfect foil to Helena. She was stuck up and whiney and used to getting her way. I wanted to reach through the book and punch her, then shake Helena for just letting Della do whatever she wanted. When she stood her ground eventually I wanted to high five her.

I liked Kit. He seemed a little wishy washy to me, but I liked that he was a good guy and wanted to do the right thing. I really loved all the characters, I loved the twists Tarryn threw into it, I loved the story and how quick it moved. It was fantastic.

There were also a lot of Harry Potter references, so that made me happy. And also led me to believe that Helena was named after Helena Bonham Carter.


Will you read it? 

You should. You definitely should. If you like romance, it’s definitely up your alley. If you like Tarryn, then probably. It’s definitely not as dark and intense as Mud Vein, though. I gave it all 5 stars on Goodreads.


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