Spy Girl by Jillian Dodd



Spy Girl follows Huntley, who is undercover as a rich girl whose wealthy father just died and left her with an unknown brother and a bunch of money. So they “travel the world and get to know each other.” Their mission is to keep the prince of Montrovia safe and figure out who the threat is against him and eliminate them.

Huntley also sees this as her opportunity to show her employers she’s a great spy so she can join Black X, a spy group, and avenge her parents’ deaths.

Along the way she uncovers secrets about her parents, about her boarding school, falls in love, and develops a relationship with her staged brother.


Plot wise, it held my interest. I wanted to know who was after the prince and I kind of wanted to know why. All we know basically is that they think it’s someone in line for the throne who wants him dead so they can take over his job. Which seems like a stupid reason to kill someone if you ask me. Being royalty seems like a lot of work. But it keeps you going because it’s a mystery; they give you clues as to who it might be and you have your suspicions that aren’t confirmed until the end. Also, the spy tech gadgets sounded kind of sweet.

Character wise, it was okay. I liked Huntley mostly. My problem with her is that she’s described as this huge badass. She apparently was the star of her spy boarding school, knew how to kick ass and shoot a gun, and we hardly saw any of that. She just kept getting depicted as this dippy rich girl, which I understand is her cover, but even her inner monologue is about shoes and how hot this rich dude is and I just didn’t want the badass heroine to be so shallow.

Also, we don’t get too much from Ari. I wanted to know more about him and his story, but all we know really is that he’s an orphan primed for this mission and he’s undercover as her brother. The friends too were just accessories for parties and dialogue that kind of annoyed me because I thought they would be much more important.

AND I wanted to know more about the Dean of Blackwood. Who was he? How did he know Huntley? Why did he prime her for this mission? And what the heck is the deal with Blackwood? I just felt like the characters weren’t explored nearly enough as they could have been.


Love story wise, a) too much insta-love. B) it’s very wishy washy with who she’s going to end up with. And she keeps saying that she’s only known this guy for a short period of time, how can they possibly be in love and getting engaged? But then she tells this other dude she loves him and she’s known him just a couple days longer? Makes no sense to me. Absolutely none. Plus there are some mildly graphic sex scenes that felt uncomfortable and I skipped through.

POV kept changing, too. It would switch from third person to first person with Huntely’s POV constantly. And during the huge climactic fight scene where we finally saw her as this huge badass? Third person. I would have much rather seen it all from her eyes. It was her first real mission, I wanted to know if she was scared or nervous or confident. If she felt bad or empowered. But all we got were the descriptions of what she was doing and that annoyed me.


Should you read it? 

Could go either way. It was entertaining and a pretty quick read. It wasn’t the greatest book I’ve ever read, though. It has just over 4 stars on goodreads, but I gave it 3/5.

Plus it ended in third person with some really random cliff hanger that sets us up for another book, so it’s going to probably turn into a series. Not sure I’ll try the sequel yet.



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