Hold You Against Me by Skye Warren

I have a problem with buying books that sound good while I’m reading another book, just so I don’t forget about said book that sounds good. And this is one of those instances. I either saw it recommended on Facebook or got an Amazon email that it was one sale, I can’t remember; but either way, I bought it not realizing it was the fourth book in a series of like eight books. Whoops. But everything was fine; besides one or two instances where it hinted at pervious plots that weren’t explained, it could have been a standalone.


So anyways.


So this book follows Clara, the daughter of a mafia man in Vegas. At the start of the book she is just a fifteen year-old-girl with a crush on one of her dad’s foot soldier’s sons, 18-year-old Giovanni. Clara is often locked in her room and told what to do, so she’s really struggling feeling comfortable in the huge mansion her father lives at. So she sneaks into the pool house at night to hang out with Gio and it’s so adorable.

Then her sister is forced to be engaged to a horribly abusive man who will probably take over after her father dies, and Clara and her sister, Honor, flea the mansion with Gio’s help.

Fast forward eight years, and Clara and her sister are living peacefully elsewhere and Clara is mourning the supposed death of Gio. She has feelings that she’s being watched and stuff keeps going missing and just as she pieces it together, she wakes up in a limo with GIOVANNI, who is now holds her father’s old position and is taking Clara back to the mansion to be his bride by force. Dun dun dun.



It was actually really good. There were parts that I felt were kind of repetitive, but I understand the author wanted to drive the point home. (We get it, Clara. You’re a mafia princess.)

Gio keeps telling Clara that he’s changed and the man she knew is dead now, but you still get these little glimpses of the man he was before she left. Clara is still stubborn and complains about how the mansion is a cage and she’s trapped and wants her freedom, and I not-so-secretly wanted her to just march into Gio’s office, sit on his lap, bat her eyelashes at him, and be like “hey, remember when we used to love each other? Let’s just do that again.”

And he would PROBABLY have done what she said because he OBVIOUSLY still loved her just as much.


That aspect was a little bit frustrating.

But otherwise, I was thoroughly entertained the whole time. I wanted to know why Clara hated her dad’s office so much, how Gio took over, if they would ever fall back in love, who could you really trust? I was personally entranced.

And I also liked Clara’s growth as a character. By the time I got to the end she wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself and fight and say what she needed to say and what she did for Maria was awesome.

And truthfully, hats off to Skye Warren because I started to get a crush on Gio.

Should you read it?

I think you should. It’s a quick read, which most romances are. It’s not a fantasy, there’s no magic or other world or anything, so if that’s what you’re looking for then probably not. But if you’re in the mood for a quick romance, then you’ll probably like it.

4/5 stars on Goodreads.


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