Paper Princess by Erin Watt

I buy so many  books on Amazon that all my ads on Facebook are recommended books, and this was one of those recommended books. I thought it sounded really good, but I also saw the sequel wasn’t out until July, so I bought it and told myself to wait until July to read it, but then I finished a different book and completely forgot the pact I made with myself, and I read it and I really wish I had waited because that ending had me feeling like I needed the next book NOW.



Paper Princess is about Ella, a seventeen-year-old orphan who took her mom’s I.D. so she could be a stripper to pay her bills and try to graduate school, get to college, and make a better life for herself.

Then Callum Royal appears and claims he has custody over her. She fights him, determined that she’s doing fine where she is, but he ends up bribing her to stay with him, and since she has little to no money, she reluctantly accepts the offer, lives in a big beautiful house, goes to a great private school, and has to deal with Callum’s five sons who do not want her there.


I loved Ella. She was a strong character who didn’t want to accept any handouts. She didn’t want to live in a posh house with people who hated her, but Callum hardly gave her a choice. I also felt bad for her, because she obviously didn’t want to be there, but the sons just kept coming at her and making her feel uncomfortable and unwanted and it’s like guys, she’s an orphaned stripper and your dad is the one who is making her stay. Just leave her be.

And, as all men in romance novels are, the sons are all incredibly good looking. So, naturally, she develops a crush on Reed. Who I wanted to like because I knew she was going to like him, but he was so mean to her so I wanted her to hate him, but I knew there was something going on with him that made him act like a jerk. He was kind of complex. So was Easton. They all were, to be honest.


The oldest brother, Gideon, had some deep dark secret that I suspected had something to do with Callum’s girlfriend, Brooke. And Easton made some comment about “I’m pretending you’re someone else, too” that I wanted to know more about. And the twins had this weird relationship with one of their girlfriends. There were a lot of secrets that were hinted at but we never found out what his deal was, but I have a feeling we’ll find out in the next book. Hopefully.

I love that eventually Easton and Ella become good friends. Like they just hang out in her room like actual brother and sister. And when that jerk messes with her at the party and they all defend her I was so excited about it because they finally liked her.

And all seemed well until that ending. Holy crap, that ending. I’m usually good at predicting books, but that one kind of blindsided me. And then I remembered the release date for book two was July 25 and knew I messed up. And there’s a third coming out in October, and I know I’m not going to like the wait at all.


Should you read it? 

I liked it. It was a quick, easy read. It’s not like it was a mystery or super intense novel, just a simple romance, but whenever I had to take a break from it I just really wanted to pick it back up and know what happened. It was weirdly addicting. I loved that.

I gave it 4/5 stars on goodreads. Definitely give it a shot if you like romances!


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