Broken Prince by Erin Watt

Erin Watt is the queen of cliffhangers. I was like okay, maybe this time I can handle waiting two months for the next book, and then I read the last chapter and I was like nope. October is too far away. Why, Erin, WHY?



I liked that the story started off in Reed’s POV toward the end of the last book; so we got to see what happened when Ella caught him and then we got to see his torment in the fact that she’s gone, that it’s his fault, and that he has no idea where she is. I loved that and it made me feel for him instead of hating him.

Then we get back to Ella’s POV really quick, and I like that the book brought her back into the Royal house pretty close to the beginning so that the whole book wasn’t a whole “Where’s Ella? What’s she doing?”

So the book is basically Reed trying to get back into Ella’s good graces, and Ella trying not to give into Reed. Then there’s Brooke being the worst and blackmailing Reed, and Easton falling off the wagon, we finally get to see what Gideon’s secret is (which OH MY GOD) and some other intermittent drama scattered throughout.



I liked the book. At the beginning I was all in because I NEEDED to know where Ella was. And then it felt kind of dragged out in the middle when Reed is trying to get Ella back and she’s back and forth about it. But the end roped me back in.

And then there was that damn cliffhanger.



And now I have to wait until October 17th for Twisted Palace and I am dying.

Should you read it? 

Yes you should! If you liked the first one, read it. If you haven’t read the first one, you should probably do that first. But I liked it!

I was entertained and I still loved the characters, especially now that we got some more depth to some of them. There was that short lull that I kind of breezed through, but otherwise I liked it a lot!

4/5 stars on goodreads.


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