The Remnant Chronicles Trilogy by Mary E. Pearson

I’m behind on some blogs and I want to catch up, so I figured I could save myself some time and review the series as a whole, because one book didn’t really stand out to me more than the rest. So here we go.


The Kiss of Deception


This story switches POV’s with Lia, a princess who runs away from her arranged marriage, and the assassin who is trying to kill her and the prince she was supposed to marry come to meet her.

Both men fall in love with her, obviously, and while the romance (I don’t mind love triangles if they’re done well, but this one was kind of like oh, what a surprise, you both fall in love with the girl.) is what kept me trucking along, it was incredibly anti-climactic. This book is supposed to be high fantasy but literally nothing happens. Lia is a waitress, her faithful servant Pauline worships at her feet, there’s some festivals, some hints at romance, she never gets her powers that she’s supposedly supposed to get.


Truthfully, I was bored. I just kept reading because I was like okay, something big and important has to happen somewhere around here because there are such amazing reviews. And there was a kind of important twist, but it left me more confused than amazed and then I was mad that the “twist” even happened because there was literally no purpose to it. (The twist is the name thing; if you read it you know what I’m talking about.)

But I was still curious, so I picked up book two.

The Heart of Betrayal


The assassin is too in love with Lia to do his job and kill her, so instead he takes her to his town called Venda and convinces his leader, The Komizar, that she has these amazing powers and is super useful.

Then the prince shows up and tells The Komizar he’s an emissary for the prince of Dalbreck and somehow convinces them all that he is also important.

Then there’s some more love triangle. Lia finds some hidden tunnels, sees a ghost, and starts to catch the feelings for the assassin. Then, after a slow moving story that I almost quit reading if it hadn’t been for a friend telling me it was so good, all hell breaks loose. She works with the prince and hatches an escape plan and the only exciting part of the book lasted five minutes and then was basically “to be continued…”


Super exciting.

I was seriously ready to just not read the third book, but my so-called friend told me that the third book was SO GOOD. YOU HAVE TO READ IT NOW. And since she was the one who suggested A Court of Thorns and Roses and told me A Court of Mist and Fury was amazing (which it totally was. Still not over it.), I decided to take her word on it and try book three.

The Beauty of Darkness 


Lia and Rafe have escaped from Venda, along with Rafe’s loyal companions. Rafe is trying to be adorable and save Lia, but also do what’s best for his people, but Lia is being a brat and trying to listen to this prophecy that I really couldn’t care less about. So she bails on Rafe to warn her people, who think she’s a traitor and have a bounty on her head, and traipses into Morrighan because she thinks she’s important and people will take her seriously.

No one took her seriously before she was married. Why would they take her seriously now? I just don’t like Lia. I think she tries too hard to act noble. Like Rafe risked literally everything for her and she has the nerve to be like “you’re treating me like a prisoner. Let me do my own thing.” Excuse you, miss. If it weren’t for Rafe you would be stuck in Venda with the Komizar and all these people who want to kill you. You need to put a sock in it.

But then there’s some drawn out drama in Morrighan, then they take a whole bunch of time to build up to this battle that’s over pretty quickly. And then it’s suddenly a few months later and showing you how everyone’s doing.

The ending was fine, but Lia didn’t end up with who I wanted her to end up with so.



Lia seemed kind of whiney and too good for herself. Like sorry you’re a beautiful, rich princess who has to marry a man you’ve never met like every other princess has done? Your mother, your grandmother, basically all your ancestors, your brother got married and is super in love with his wife. What makes you so much more special that because the groom denied your request to see him before the wedding you are like “nope. I’m out. Good-bye family.”

Also, her servant, Pauline, runs away with her and ruins her own life for selfish Lia. She leaves her boyfriend/baby daddy, her job, her family, and any chance of returning just because Lia doesn’t want to marry a man she doesn’t know?

Kaden and Rafe both risk everything for her to just throw it back in their faces and be like lol, nope. I’ve got my own agenda. My way or the highway.

I am ashamed to admit that I skimmed a lot. I skimmed probably half of the third book, probably also half of the second. I think I was still full of hope and wonderment reading the first, so I didn’t skim much, but I’m sure I did. I just feel like Lia’s inner monologues go on forever.

Should you read it? 

It has a lot of good reviews, so maybe you would like it. Maybe I’m the rare case. I don’t know, but I wasn’t a huge fan. For being described as “high fantasy” the magic wasn’t exciting and it rarely even happened. When I think magic, I think like producing fire from your finger tips or even learning spells and potions. Lia’s “magic” was basically hearing voices in her head tell her what to do. Super magical.

Looking back on it, the overall plot line was pretty good, I just feel like it dragged out a lot of things that could have been cut down to one chapter, or even half. And I kind of wished the third book’s plotline had been different. I was really excited at the end of book two because I thought Lia had become the Komizar and thought that would have been really cool to explore.

Overall, I would give the series 3/5 stars. Each book 3 stars, the series as a whole 3 stars. It was okay, but I wasn’t blown away.


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