Any beta readers out there?

Hello my small band of followers. I have been very busy lately and haven’t had time to read nearly as much as I wanted, which is my excuse for lack of blogs.

But I’ve also been really busy trying to fine tune a manuscript. Or two. Or several.

I have two full-length novels I’ve written and several that are in the works because any writer knows characters just pop in your head and don’t leave until you tell their story.

But anyways, I’m convinced, as most writers are in the beginning I’m sure, that what I have is utter garbage. So I’m desperately trying to find some kind souls to voluntarily (fo free) read over one or both manuscripts and give me some 100% honest feedback (gently, please).

I will owe you a million favors and I will read and edit anything you need. I just want another set of eyes on it to tell me what works and what doesn’t and if there’s anything glaringly obvious I’ve missed in the thousand times I’ve had to read this.

So anyways, if you are a kind soul who wants to spend your spare time reading a young adult romance novel or two, let me know in the comments or message me and I will kiss your feet.


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