Rebellion of the Meek

I wrote poetry! Which usually only happens when I’m overwhelmed with emotion, so it may have clouded some of the execution, but I just wanted to put it up in case anyone relates. This is for anyone with a frenemy, a mean leader in your group, or for anyone who likes poetry with allusions to fairy tales.

Comments and criticism always welcome, but please be gentle. 🙂


People assume I don’t feel anything

just because I don’t say much.

So they say what they want and think about me

because they think words won’t leave a touch.


It may not be physical, at least not to you,

but to me it’s a debilitating blow

to hear how you speak and treat people

and see them still line up in a row


to hear your gossip and soul-shredding words

and how you always tear people down

just so you can stand tall on your pedestal

with your imaginary, coveted crown.


You think you’re Queen Bee because people follow,

a mentality I never understood,

when these people you call your best friends you treat

like a beggar you saved from the woods.


You think without you they’d be nothing

and you so kindly saved them from that fate,

but now your sparkle is wearing off to me,

your enchanted mirror is starting to break.


Your friends are your court jesters, nothing more,

fools there simply for your pleasure,

that you taunt and goad and knock down a peg

simply for your selfish good measure.


You desperately want to be the fairest of them all

but, my queen, you will lose your court

if you constantly make them feel so small

for your own cruel, wicked sport.


It’s time to control your insecurities

and your wicked, cruel way of speak

and realize there’s a mutiny within your court,

a rebellion of the meek.


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